The Star Stealer

The Star StealerAn original story about a boy named James who never wanted to go to sleep. One night, when he finally fell asleep, he had a dream about a stairway outside his window that climbed into the sky. He wondered how far it would take him. He climbed the stairs into the night sky, beyond the clouds and saw the world below. Listen to the story to find out what James found at the top of the stairs!

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  • trish

    Hi ,
    I just heard the star stealer , which was magical , and your narration
    really adds to it .
    Wow , what a lovely past time , you have a real gift .
    i am going to tell the kids here about this site , and i want to listen
    to more as well…

  • Ann

    beautiful stories really! nice way of telling and nice teller’s voice.
    Big talent realised with a Big Heart:)

  • Kristine

    My girls are now 6 and 7. I have read to them religously every night. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to find a soothing way to take a night off.
    Thank you!!!

  • such a good story.

  • Amy

    I was up all last night working on a project and the neurons are getting groggy..randomly thought “I wish someone would tell me a bedtime story” – haven’t thought this in.. well, probably 20 years.. (I’m 25) – Googled it – found this, random – thanks. I’m so happy! Wonder is everywhere. Good night 🙂

  • Kowaun

    i truly love this story My kids can’T go to sleep with out this particular story…It knocks em’ out every time. I have to admit I fall asleep with this too. Every Nite my kids say”Please Mom turn on Alan our story reader”….Alan where ever you are THANKS