Pegasus and the Magic Stone – Part 1

Pegasus and the Magic StoneSarah would never imagine that a small stone found on a sandy beach would lead to a magical winged horse and a trip through the stars, but this and much more actually took place on a vacation at her grandparent’s home by the edge of the sea. How far did the winged horse carry Sarah and where did she go? Part One of our story will begin the journey!

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  • Trisha

    What a fabulous website! I love everything about it from the content to the colors!
    Alan’s voice is also mesmerizing and I am sure this will be a big hit with young (and old) alike!


  • Teri

    This is a great place where kids and parents can find lovely stories. My daughter, Elise, loves listening to Alan’s voice. It is great for my 4 year old to enter into the world of imagination.

  • Barbara

    This is fabulous!!!
    I started Pegasus and the Magic Stone.


  • Ginny aged 11

    this story is a great bedtime tale and allows children of all ages to get into sleep mode far easier. Allans voice is soothing and could easily put a full grown man to sleep. the story is a great adventure but not at all scary and you can bet that it is one of the best on the site. i listen to thestoryhome every night and i think this is the best site you can find stories to send you to sleep.
    listen to story home, its the new way to sleep!

  • Thank you, Ginny, I am very happy that you enjoy The Story Home and I do hope Pegasus comes to your dreams and lends you wings to fly. Your Storyteller…Alan

  • a76

    where is part 2?