The Little Bunny Who Thought For Himself

The Little Bunny who thought for himselfHere is a lovely tale about a little bunny who learns how to make the right choices all by himself. Should he follow his brother and sister everywhere they go, or should he take his time to think for himself? Listen and find out what he did.

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  • Kathryn

    We just listened to this story on the way to day care this morning. My 3 1/2 year old and I loved the story! We had to pause the recording often so she could talk about the story and ask questions. “The bunny went in time out because he did not listen, right?” My favorite line, as the mom, was that sometimes it is lonely to do the right thing, but you still need to do the right thing. (i’m paraphrasing, it was much more elegantly written.) Anyway, this story has immediately become a family favorite and I know we will listen to it over and over again. I’ve already had a request by my daughter to listen to it again on the way home.

    Thank you! and I look forward to listening to more stories!

  • Elena and Alex Trump

    Dear Allen the story teller today we are talking about the little buny

    we loved the story i think it is cute and tuching i know that i can defntley think for myself now thaks to the little bunny

    from Elena and Alex

    ps; are we famos now this is so cool being on the into net and by the way alex is on the back of a bus.

  • I wish i had pink bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i am soooo proud of that bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!