RumpelstiltskinIn this classic tale by the Brothers Grimm, a father boasts to a king that his daughter can spin straw into gold.  Can she?  With Rumpelstiltskin she can! But what he asks her in trade for his help is more than she can bear.  See how she changes her fate when he comes to collect his debt.

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  • we have been listning to rumplestiltskin
    it is one of my favrote tales
    elena and alex

  • renijeni

    it is a very nice story and i am the fan of that story

  • Bowles

    We liked this story. Our favorite part was when Rumpelstiltskin said that the devil told the queen his name!

  • Charusharma286

    i read the story in my schooldays this was one of my favorites after 25years after reading and receiting to my kids it gave me immense pleasure