The Halloween Candy Nightmare

Victor had such a nightmare after eating too much candy on Halloween night.  Who would he call to help him wake up from his strange dream?  How would he get back home to his bedroom?  The answer was printed on a little card, kept in a suit pocket of an old magic coat, locked in an old blue trunk from Cairo.  Keep the light on and the windows closed when you listen to this enchanted Halloween tale by Alan M. Scofield.

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  • Olivia Chamberlain

    Hi Mr. Scofield,

    I love your stories and am listening to them right now! My brothers, Zachary and Hayden, are going to listen too later because they are busy building paper structures. Thanks for giving us your card. I’m going to use it for a bookmark for my Harry Potter book that I am reading. I love stories and love listening to yours. Love, Olivia