The Amazing Story Box – Part 1: Steps into another world

Corrected Version. A strange new world had appeared! Sam was a normal boy with a seemingly dull life, until his uncle, a genius inventor, gave him a amazing present.  Expect the unexpected as Sam accidentally enters a portal to another world–in his bedroom one moment, and in the next, standing on the streets of a city lost in time. We begin an original story adventure of many parts. All aboard for a wild ride!

NOTE: Sorry, we noticed a mistake in our story and have corrected the name of the Uncle, Whew!!!  If you downloaded an earlier version, please delete it and download this version.  Thank you…

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  • Paul

    Hey–what happens next?! I wanna know – –

    Wow, this is good. Loved the echo on the MegaPod’s voice and the bobby’s cockney accent. The beginning pulled me right in . . .

    I keep imagining sounds of selected things going along with your wonderful voice (paper tearing of unwrapping present; clip-clop of hooves on cobblestones; distant bell of a church or Big Ben, etc.). .

    Keep up the good work!

  • kelli

    I am a teacher and looking for fun ways to get childrern to read