The Amazing Story Box, Part 3: The Keeper of Memories

the-amazing-story-box-part-3A book from the future!  Sam stared in wonder at the mysterious book offered to him by the Keeper of Memories, filled with life yet to come…his life.  Everything he had experienced through the powers of the Amazing Story Box had led to this fateful moment in which a boy’s dreams would find their destiny in the world to be.  Listen, and you will learn what Sam discovered.  (Be sure to listen to “The Amazing Story Box: Parts 1 and 2” first, so that you can hear the entire story!)

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  • Ila

    Dear Alan

    Just a short note to say that your hard work and stories are really appreciated, especially by my 7-year old son!

    We love your original stories the most, like the Emerald Fairy and Story Box… seem to know exactly what makes the young kids of today tick…..they love magic, fantasy and adventurous things, but not too scary though! My son likes stories with a calm and gentle loving touch.

    Thank you for making this available to everyone….

    God bless
    (From India!)

  • xx1

    are there any more episodes?

  • No not right now, but who knows, maybe in the future! Meanwhile perhaps you might like “Pegasus and the magic stone”? With a wink and a bow, your storyteller, Alan