The Terrible Dragon and the Wise Man

the-terrible-dragon-and-the-wise-manA fire-breathing beast approaches and all who stand in its path shall be destroyed!  Who will protect the kingdom?  Perhaps a brave king shall rise, or a knight with sharpened sword.  Maybe the answer lies with a quiet elder who is wise and patient.  The story will reveal who triumphs…proving that the truth is the greatest force of all.

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  • Hi Alan,

    Thanks for writing back to me so quickly. My mom and I wrote another one tonight. I showed my story to all the schools I go to and I read your letter them too.

    Hope you like this story! It’s based on my life! (The first one too)

    With a wink and a bow,
    Hannah (Age 6)

  • Hi Hanna,
    Looks like your storytelling is off to a great start! We’d like to see you second story too, if you wish to send it. (We looked and all we saw was your message. )
    Keep imagining!
    Your storyteller, Alan, Till nextime

  • Elena

    we loved it but it is a bit short