The Tale of Peter Rabbit

the-tale-of-peter-rabbitIn Beatrix Potter’s enchanted world we  meet a curious but sometimes naughty rabbit named Peter, who lives with his brothers and sisters in a little sandbank under the root of a large tree near the woods.  His wise mother tries to warn her bunny children  about the danger of visiting Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden.  Did Peter listen to her?  Find out what comes of too much curiousity in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

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  • Alan,your voice was also good,I’d liked the thing you said “Lipity-Lipity not so fast”that was so funny, I liked the part that Peter was wandering going Lipity-Lipity.The story was so funny.I can sleep when I here this story.

  • Little2scoop

    This is wonderful! What a delightful reading. And a wonderful way kids can listen to stories. ( I just wish the part about his father being put in a pie could be cut out – I think it worries kids to hear this, even if it was in the original story). Thanks for the reading!