The Emerald Fairy Part 2 – Something out of Place

The Emerald Fairy part 2The story of Elizabeth and Gwendolyn continues as the girls make a secret fairy wish to prevent Elizabeth from moving.  Could they call on the magical powers of the fairy world to provide a solution, or would nature itself lend an unexpected hand.  Suddenly, a series of unlikely and astonishing events start to happen including a wild chase through the woods.  Listen to part 1 to see how the story began.

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  • xx1

    i liked gwen’s secret wish

  • xx1

    how do i download this?

  • Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. The download button is now fixed!

  • Hi, Thanks for letting us know. The problem is now fixed.

  • purplestory2107

    Gwen has so much faith in magic, I think that is her secret. She knew that SOMETHING would keep her friendship whole.
    Please keep enjoying The Story Home stories
    Your storyteller,