Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason, a young hero, is helped by a mysterious sorceress to win the fabled golden fleece. This prize will go to a future king. Rough waters, dark forests, and a hideous dragon will stand in young Jason’s way. Will he triumph or fail? This excerpt from the ancient tale will reveal his struggle and suggest his future.

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  • Darryl

    My first time using the site and my six-year daughter thought it was outstanding–AWESOME to be exact. thank you for this Awesome site!

  • cindy0192

    I love all the stories on this site. Alan is a great storyteller! I play at least 1 story every night before bedtime.

    We would be so happy if we could read the text for all the stories! Please post the story text on the website so we could read along as we listen to Alan. It is also for my 5 year old brother who is just learning to read.

    Thank you sir.

  • merlin

    I like this website so much.In our class we do literature folder and we gp dmjmjddnd
    go on this website for our centers. This website rocks !!!

  • merlin

    I like this website it is so much fun. this website helps me learn

  • Izy

    I love the story home it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kally

    It’s a brilliant site.
    I was looking at Jason and the Golden Fleece for homework and it has made it so much
    faster to do as I don’t have to read the story myself .
    I would also like to read along as the story goes along.
    Listening to Alan creates a picture in your mind as he uses all the different voices and sounds
    to go along with the story

  • Jacckgillday

    its great

  • Amir9999999

    this story is great it helped me so much to do my homework it is much easier to understand than other websites

  • Terrific!
    Thanks for letting us know..