The Night Before Thanksgiving

On the Night before Thanksgiving, all seems lost, until, a dark yet familiar figure appears in Mary Robb’s doorway, bringing with him hope and promise of a better time to come.  In this heartwarming story, the true and timeless reasons to give thanks for what we have and to find a way to share with others in need, inspires us and remains long in the heart.

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  • Emma Mitchell

    I’m 28 not exactly a child, but I love your stories and the way you tell them I also love your own stories that you have created and written, please keep them coming, I listen via iTunes and have recommended you to all my friends. They thought it was mad at first but are now all avid listeners…

    Just because we are grown ups does not mean we cannot settle down to a good story, there’s a child in all of us!

    Thank you


  • Thanks a lot Mr Scofield for this site ! When my day has been unbearable, the better way to soothe me is to listen to your stories while sewing.

    Have a nice day.