Casey at the Bat

A very special piece of American folklore rounds the bases of the 19th century to delight our ears today.  With bases loaded and the crowd in a fever, the mighty Casey steps up to the plate and holds the fate of the big game in his powerful hands.  The final pitch is thrown!  Listen to this exciting tale written in 1887 by an inspired baseball reporter who wrote a “home run” of a classic poem.

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  • Sweet site, super design, really clean and user friendly.

  • Jen G

    Thank you so much for Casey at the Bat. I was looking for a good sound recording that was easy to listen to and slow enough for my ELL students. This is the best one yet – even better than the one read by the autor himself. So glad to have found this site.

  • dodgergrl1

    Perfect! Just what I needed to add to my lesson plan. Thank you so much!