The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread ManA little Gingerbread Man leaps out of the oven and runs away from the women who baked him, boasting that he will never be caught!  He begins his adventure by running from the women, her husband and an assortment of people and animals, until he encounters a very clever fox with a sweet tooth for cookies.  The fox offers to carry him across a deep river, but is he being helpful or does he have something else in mind?  Find out what happens in this adventurous beloved English folktale as the Gingerbread Man runs as fast as he can!

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  • kaviinkrumlov

    Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your stories and your time. We have had such a great time listening to stories together and as my daughter has gotten older we’ve used them when travelling to help her get to sleep. Many, many thanks.

  • Rachel

    Gee that story was great! I love StoryHome and stories.

  • cjlampwick

    I just wanted to share with everyone a great website I discovered the other day. They offer downloads of classic fairy tales with fantastic images and entertaining narration and character acting. Not only do my kids love them, but I find them enjoyable as well. These timeless stories can be downloaded to computer or mobile device and they are very inexpensive. They gave me a coupon code to be shared. Enter 10off at download.