Gulliver’s Travels, Excerpt

Gulliver sails across the ocean and finds himself in a very strange land named Lilliput, where human beings are extremely small.  In this excerpt, Gulliver discovers that he has washed ashore, awakening upon his back, tied down by an small army of  creatures who believe that he is a giant invader.  Listen to what happens in this brilliant fantasy!

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  • frankie

    we love this story and would love to hear more! Is there any more? Where, how, tell us! We must hear more!!

  • Ebony

    This story is the best. I watched it in the cinema’s aswell. But still, i love it audio and cinema.!!!!!!!!!!!!. Who would care. Their both the same.

  • This was a good story but you, the author, need to add on the ending!!!
    Please add on the ending…everyone wants 2 hear the ending!!!!!????
    Thank you.