The Luckiest Ghost

Even though Lucky was a Ghost, he hid away when Halloween night came because he was afraid!  He was afraid of being alone, on the spookiest of nights when witches flew, black cats meowed and pumpkins grinned.  But this Halloween his luck changed.  He met a nice friend and slowly, magically, everything was different.  Listen and find out why this Ghost became The Luckiest Ghost!

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  • Life is short, and this article saved vuaablle time on this Earth.

  • The info is a great help to me, thanks so much

  • Jesse

    I really do think Lucky the ghost is the luckiest ghost.

  • Mandy

    this is a cute story

  • Christian

    Greetings from San Miguel de Allende , Gto, Mexico, one of my favorite relaxing pastimes is listening to your wonderful stories, they’re all really delightful, thanks a bunch.