Alan’s Original Stories

The Leaf Lady

The Leaf Lady1As Isabelle lay on her bed one sleepy afternoon, she saw her mother’s high heel shoe on the floor. She wondered what it would be like to wear a grown up shoe and be older. The answer came to her in a dream where her imagination brought her to meet the Leaf Lady. Find out what she learned when she visited a magical tree and caught a leaf which told her about her future.

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The Stained Glass Butterfly

The Stained Glass ButterflyThis special story tells of the surprise in store for a small caterpillar that felt unimportant and could not find his place in the world. But when he wanders into a church he sees the most beautiful stained glass windows full of light and color. Little does he know that in a short time he will change and become a beautiful creature with wonderful wings of many colors.These wings will allow him to discover a wonderful new part of himself he never thought possible.

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