Don Freeman

Chuggy and the Blue Caboose Excerpt and Announcement

Chuggy comes to the rescue of the Great Silver Streamliner in this classic story about a dedicated old fashioned steam engine that fearlessly saves the day and brings happiness to a cute little Blue Caboose named Lucy.  This tale was the first of a long line of wonderful stories, beloved for generations, written and illustrated by Don and Lydia Freeman.  Don has also written many other well known stories such as Corduroy, Tilly Witch, Fly High Fly Low and Beady Bear.  Here at The Story Home, we plan on offering many of Don’s stories in the future, so stayed tuned!

Special Note: In this podcast we have provided an excerpt of “Chuggy and the Blue Caboose” that you can sample for free.  To hear the complete story, you can purchase and download it for $0.99 by clicking on the green “Add to Cart” button, and we added a special treat at the end of the story by  including Lydia Freeman’s story about how “Chuggy the Blue Caboose” came to be.


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