How To Enjoy The Story Home

TheStoryHome is at your service, providing “delightful and inspiring stories for children”.

Below you will find all the ways to bring The Story Home to your active lifestyle, allowing you and your children to access quality listening entertainment during cross town errands, vacation trips, commutes, in waiting rooms and that very special quiet time before sleep. Whether you need a soothing journey, a magic moment, or a bit of wisdom, The Story Home is always just a click away.

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 TO FIND a particular story

  • Browse by CATEGORIES in the LEFT sidebar
  • SEARCH for a special story by Title.
  • Click on the STORIES link at the top to find the title in Alphabetical Order. You can then purchase the story, or click on the title to learn more about it.

HOW TO play and listen or purchase and download our stories!

NOTE: Please know that we do NOT allow returns on any purchase.

  1. Play them on your computer.
  2. How to Download & Purchase Stories.
  3. The Story Home Albums
  4. The Story Home iPhone and iPad Apps.
  5. Copyright & Legal information


You can listen instantly for FREE to a story by clicking the “Play” button located under each story picture on the left corner of the blue box, provided you have speakers or headphones attached to your computer. As soon as you click, the story will begin to play within seconds!


You can now purchase and download our stories directly! Please remember there are NO returns.

Just click on the .99 price and add your selected story to the shopping cart. If you wish more than one story, click on “Continue Shopping” on the bottom left corner.

Note: If you wish to remove a story from the shopping cart, you will see the “remove” to the right of the Quantity.

To Checkout:

  • Click on “Checkout” on the top right.

Fill out your information:

  1. Email (This is the email we will send the story download link to), billing and payment information.
  2. Click on “Complete Your Purchase”.
  3. You will then see your receipt.  You can print it or return to The Story Home website.


  1. You will receive two emails, one providing you with the download link to your story purchases and the other is a receipt.
  2. Your link will only be valid for 7 days from the date of your purchase, so download it as soon as you can. Remember, there are no returns.

To download, play, save or burn the mp3 story on a PC:

  1. Sign on to your email and locate “Your Audio Story Download From The Story Home” email.
  2. Click on the link
  3. You can choose to either save or open and play the file.
  4. If you are on a PC, we use “Windows Media Player”, but you can use whatever software you like.

If you chose to Save the file:

  1. Click Save file, then OK.
  2. You will see a download box.
  3. Right click on “Open Containing folder”.
  4. You will see your Mp3 audio story in the Download folder.
  5. Right click on the file and copy/paste it to another file in your computer.

If you chose to Burn the Mp3 story to a CD:

  1. Click open with “Windows media player”, then OK.
  2. Double click on the story Mp3 in the “Downloads Box”.
  3. Windows Media Player should come up.
  4. You can then play the story or burn it to a CD.
  5. Click on “Burn” at the top, and then on “Burn now playing on the right sidebar.
  6. Then click on “Start Burn” on the bottom right.
  7. Make sure you have a blank CD in your burner.

To download, play, save or burn the mp3 story on a Mac:

  1. Same first three steps as on a PC.
  2. Open the file in iTunes.

You will need to access iTunes so if you have not installed the iTunes software, you will need to do that first.  You can find the FREE download at:

After you access iTunes, you will be able to save your Mp3 story in iTunes and burn it to a CD on your computer.


Every story has been re-mastered for the highest sound quality and some have added sound effects.  At this time, we have 2 Albums available with more on the way!  You can purchase the Album at a discount or buy each story individually for .99 each.  To purchase our Albums on iTunes you can go to iTunes and search under (This is important) our storytellers name, Alan Scofield.

You can find our “Little Bunny Original Tales” Album featuring 7 Little Bunny Tales at: & iTunesAmazon mp3

You can find our “Children’s Holiday Stories Throughout the Year” Album featuring 9 different holidays and 19 stories at: & iTunes & Amazon mp3.


The StoryHomehas 2 stunning Apps available on iTunes.  You can read about them HERE or go directly on iTunes for the iPhone here or the iPad here.

Please remember, these apps are audio stories just like we have here on the website.