About the Scofields

Alan Scofield

Arts Educator, Author, Storyteller, Nationally known Master Teacher of Dance and Founding Director of Young Imaginations Arts Education Agency.

Alan Scofield, President and co-founder of Purple Button Media, LLC and The Story Home wears many hats in his work. He has been called the “Danny Kaye of the North Bay” because of his magical connection with children through music, stories and dance. As an educator for thirty years he has touched the lives of a generation of public school children in Northern California and across the nation, and is now passing down his techniques of teaching to today’s arts educators and classroom teachers.

Twenty five years ago, he co-founded Young Imaginations, Northern California’s acclaimed arts-education agency and joined the College of Marin’s Dance faculty as a master teacher and choreographer.He has led the way for Bay Area arts educators and classroom teachers to impart the California State Educational Standards using the skills and strategies of the performing arts.

For classroom teachers, Scofield has developed unique teaching methods to help engage young learners and evoke creativity. He is the co-author of “Being In Motion”, a multi-media teaching package designed to help teachers foster focused attention through somatic activity and awareness. He is also an educational consultant, and often asked to provide trainings in creative teamwork for teachers, administrators and corporate leaders, providing mentorship in arts integration and curriculum development throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. His in-service workshops help classroom teachers place the arts in the core of the educational process.

Alan is also the author for all the original stories for The Story Home and has written 38 stories as of 2011.  He has the natural gift of a storyteller whose inspiration provides an unending source of idea’s, keeping The Story Home rich in content and a place to spark the imagination.

As the voice of The Story Home, Alan has become well known throughout the world by millions of children who request an “Alan Story” before they go to bed each night. His calming voice has led The Story Home to the top of the list as a premier storytelling podcast, website, Albums and iPhone/iPad apps.

Scofield states: “I have seen the power of a story transform a room a thousand times. The true teacher is a storyteller, and a good story teaches.”

Sharon Rogan Scofield

CEO Purple Button Media, Co-Creator of The Story Home, Teacher, Dancer, Musician, Editor and Producer

Sharon has bridged two worlds through her business experience and her artistic talent. Her discovery of the arts began as a child with the study of classical piano and viola. In college she studied voice and continued with private voice lessons, while earning a B.S. degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing.

Sharon dances locally, performs in concerts and sometimes writes, sings and produces music for Alan’s dance performances. She is fluent in the disciplines of modern, ballet and jazz dance having studied seriously for 20 years, dancing at least 4 times a week. She was an instructor with Young Imaginations for 6 years, teaching school children music and dance, in addition to being a substitute teacher in the Marin county school district.

Sharon also wears a business hat having worked for 4 years in the corporate world as an account executive for McGraw-Hill companies with fortune 500 accounts. With her knowledge of business, publishing and the arts, she found a way for all children to hear Alan’s wonderful stories through the creation of The Story Home and Purple Button Media.

As CEO, Sharon is responsible for acquiring new business and running both companies.  She is the driving source of the businesses and overseas all material used on the podcasts, website and products as well as meticulously editing and producing all content.

In 2011 Sharon designed and managed the development team in creating The Story Home’s first Apps while building Purple Button Media, a publishing company, which became an LLC in the same year.

After becoming a developer, the company started to expand and Sharon negotiated two licensing agreements to produce mobile devices and e-Books for 16 Don Freeman children’s stories.

Sharon is looking to taking the companies forward, expanding products and utilizing new technologies to follow the vision of The Story Home.

Sharon states: “We believe that the imagination of a child is a priceless resource and must be given time, encouragement, and education.”