About The Story Home

In December of 2007, The Story Home began with a dream of reaching out to children and their families, using the vehicle of podcasting to re-invent the ancient art of storytelling by means of the new digital technologies.

The listenership responded splendidly over the years with millions of downloads flooding out to scores of countries. The Story Home had hit a universal chord and satisfied a basic need, telling the stories that children love to hear again and again.

The Story Home provides original and classic children’s audio stories through free podcasts, iPhone/iPad Apps, albums and The Story Home website, to entertain and inspire children and their families throughout the world. Parents, teachers, libraries, and others use The Story Home to offer an authentic place for curiosity, imagination, and self discovery for children.

Recognized as one of the “Great Websites for Children” by the American Library Association, The Story Home is a learning resource for schools, teachers and libraries throughout the world.

Unique to The Story Home is its beloved storyteller and co-founder, Alan Scofield. As a children’s author, arts educator and professional actor, Alan has become the vocal “brand” of The Story. His renditions of storybook tales have been used by schools, libraries and parents across the world, often as a reference for new English language learners.

In 2011, Sharon Rogan Scofield, co-founder and CEO Purple Button Media, LLC (PBM) the parent company of The Story Home, expanded its doors into new technologies and licensing agreements.

The Story Home created their first iPhone and iPad apps. Both Apps were featured on iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section of the books category and continue to be a top seller in various search categories. In October 2011, Mobilewalla, a search and discovery engine placed The Story Home Apps in their coveted annual MW50 which is a group of quality mobile app developers that create apps that users love.
The Story Home apps include classic and Alan’s original audio children’s stories featuring 85 stories that can be purchased in-app and 3 stories that come installed initially.

Additionally, in 2011, PBM obtained the exclusive digital rights to 16 classic children’s books by famous author and illustrator, Don Freeman. Don Freeman was best known for his children’s books, “Corduroy”, “Fly High, Fly Low”, “Beady Bear”, and “Norman the Doorman”. In October, 2011, PBM signed an agreement with Auryn Inc. to create mobile Apps and e-Books for the 16 out of print books. The Story Home will also feature the 16 classics on their Apps as well as their website and audio albums.

Future projects include creating interactive e-Books for all original stories and expanding the company into educational and consumer products.

Listen to how The Story Home captivates its audience through: