Here are some comments by “Grateful Parents”.

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!

I’ve found a lifesaver of a website. This is my best find in months! The Story Home’ stories really do delight and inspire. This is my best find in months! Sometimes I feel like I’ve read every story book in the house to my children 5 times over and now I have something new to captivate them. So I’m very excited about The Story Home.

I want to be Alan!

Every night for the past one year my daughter has been listening to the wonderful stories told by Alan Scofield. Even when she’s super tired she needs it even more. So imagine my surprise when last night she tells me she wants to be Alan.  I asked Alan who? She said “Alan the storyteller”. I want to be a storyteller like him. I said, you are already a marvelous storyteller because you use your imagination to weave stories.  I just thought of sharing her sweet request with you. Did I mention she’s just turned 6! Just goes on to show how many young hearts and minds your stories are touching, Thanks!

 Alan’s storytelling voice is perfect!

These stories I record for the girls will make a great gift for them and their mother.  I thank you again for your selection, content, and gentle but inspiring stories.  A special thanks from my heart, to Alan, for such wonderful stories, told with creative talent.  You’re the best!

 Thanks for being “that soothing Dad voice”…

…that my daughter needs but was taken from her.

 Thanks Alan for bringing some old fashioned rituals back to life.

Here’s to looking at the stars at night and the moon out your window, listening to a simple tale, falling asleep with crickets and letting your imagination soar with a hope for a better day and happy tomorrow!

It’s a brilliant site!

Listening to Alan creates a picture in your mind as he uses all the different voices and sounds to go along with the story.

 I want to thank you for reading classics…

…because they have strengthened my daughter’s vocabulary and comprehension effortlessly, and in record time.  And I can see in your own stories, you do not dumb them down – vocabulary building is a byproduct of all the stories you produce.

 God bless you and your Story Home Family…

…for bringing your collective talents together to bring peace, happiness and joy for children and adults alike… Thank you and kindest regards, One Very Grateful Mom!

 My girls are now 6 and 7.

I have read to them religiously every night. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to find a soothing way to take a night off. Thank you!!!

I was looking for streaming bedtime stories a few weeks ago and found you.

I knew that my 6 year old daughter enjoyed them when…..a week had gone by since we last listened and when I brought the laptop by her bed and before even logging on she says…”and this is Alan your storyteller.”…and boy do your stories work!!! on my very active girl who never wants to go to sleep…

 I’m 28, not exactly a child, but I love your stories…

…and the way you tell them I also love your own stories that you have created and written, please keep them coming, I listen via iTunes and have recommended you to all my friends. They thought it was mad at first but are now all avid listeners… Just because we are grown ups does not mean we cannot settle down to a good story, there’s a child in all of us! Thank you

My 2-1/2 year old daughter was having so much trouble going to bed at night.

I tried: reading books to her before bedtime, children’s meditation CDs, soothing music to help her wind down, and a couple of times– even punishing her. But nothing worked and she’d go down for bed at 8pm and still be fidgeting and restless by 11pm which always left her tired the following morning. And she was also coping with bad dreams now and then.

A stroke of serendipity and touch of nostalgia led me to explore podcasts on iTunes.

I was remembering the old radio shows I used to listen to as a kid with all the lights out and how it felt to follow along with those stories in my imagination. My daughter happened to be sitting next to me and I played a clip of one of your stories for her. She loved it and begged to hear more. That’s when I subscribed and it struck me how I could incorporate your free podcasts into her bedtime routine. The new rule is that in order for her to hear Alan’s stories, she needs to lay her head on the pillow and keep her eyes closed when I turn out the lights. Then she says, “I’m ready for Alan at The Story Home, Mom!” and I start the show. Ever since we started this routine, she reports very pleasant dreams and falls asleep in 30 minutes with absolutely no more fuss!

My 3 year old son LOVES the little bunny stories!

The rhyming is done so well and they are told with such great expression. He listens to them at bedtime. I would love to see more of Little Bunny!

We both love how animated and yet soothing your voice is…

…in fact, I’ve fallen asleep myself because the storytelling is so pleasant. It’s by far the best children’s storytelling I’ve found in any of the available podcasts. We enjoy them all so it’s impossible to pick a single favorite. But, I find the ones you’ve written yourself about Little Bunny and Little Mo to be the most original and clever. The rhyming, along with the good lessons and imaginative descriptions in these stories is outstanding. Makes me wonder why you are not self-publishing and selling a print version of these stories on your website.

Just a short note to say that your hard work and stories are really appreciated…

… especially by my 7-year old son! We love your original stories the most, like the Emerald Fairy and Story Box….. you seem to know exactly what makes the young kids of today tick…..they love magic, fantasy and adventurous things, but not too scary though!  My son likes stories with a calm and gentle loving touch. Thank you for making this available to everyone….God bless

I loved your story with the boy who stole a star.

The ending was so sweet, I cried a little. You have quite a gentle loving voice, that I feel you are my friend. So I thought that I would say “hello”.

When I was a child my favorite thing in the whole world was The Storyteller…

… by Jim Henson, we had them on video tape from TV. I remember being at boring places, like shopping with my mother, and I would think of the stories. You have the same endearing qualities that he did. Especially in your intro and exit statements, they are so welcoming that it opens the heart. So even though I am grown now, I think you will have the place with many children as my first Storyteller had with me because you have those qualities.

Both of us enjoyed reflecting on some of the stories we remember our late mother reading to us as children.

I had to write to tell you what a nice job you do in reading and expressing the different voices and events in the stories.  You have a knack for making them come alive.  This is something I think we need more of in our lives today… to not be so video-media stimulated and to use our imagination more often.

Thank you for presenting this podcast…

… which I hope you will continue to keep as a free item so that more families like us can continue to listen and enjoy your stories.  I would love to hear an old favorite “Uncle Wiggley” which is a rarely heard story today, but an old favorite.   Thank you again with best wishes in all good things in life. From my house to yours, with a wink and a bow.

 I just wanted to say thank you, Story Home…

… Little Jacky is nodding off to sleep now after listening to your telling of the Velveteen Rabbit. I use your stories as a treat for both Jacky and I. After a long day at work, dinner and the evening routine of getting Jacky to bed, it is so nice for Rachel or me to relax with our son and one of your stories. Tonight after Alan finished his Mister Rodgers style, soothing story telling: Jacky, after a huge yawn, asked me “Was it true. Do toys really become real?” I thought for a moment and continuing the story’s tone said in a hushed whisper “I’m not sure, but if it does, it is very rare. And then only if the boy really, really loves the toy! Then maybe it does happen.” He looked at me a minute and asked if he could sleep with “Mopsy” tonight. I fished the old stuffed dog out of the toy box and tucked it in with Jacky. Thanks to The Story Home, this one was special night.

 We just listened to this story on the way to day care this morning.

My 3 1/2 year old and I loved the story! We had to pause the recording often so she could talk about the story and ask questions. “The bunny went in time out because he did not listen, right?” My favorite line, as the mom, was that sometimes it is lonely to do the right thing, but you still need to do the right thing. (I’m paraphrasing, it was much more elegantly written.) Anyway, this story has immediately become a family favorite and I know we will listen to it over and over again. I’ve already had a request by my daughter to listen to it again on the way home. Thank you! and I look forward to listening to more stories!

My son Peter was very keen that I write and thank you for this wonderful set of stories.

We have only just found you, but we will be looking you up regularly for a fresh approach to bedtime stories. Thank you so much!