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Here is an easy way to create an original story with your childs participation.  There are five essential parts that you can remember by using your fingertips as a guide.  Alan, your storyteller, has created this method and will tell you all about it with an example at the end.  We also have a special page that you can print out to help you remember all the steps.  Just look at the left sidebar on The Story website and click on the hand where it says “Learn about Stories at your Fingertips”.

Oh! and also listeners, we would love to hear some of the original stories you created.  Just listen and you will find out how to submit them.

Please go to Fingertip Tales to read the step by step instructions.

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  • Hannah

    Here is our first “Story” at our fingertips, written by Hannah (age 6)
    One day there were two best friends and their names were Sophie and Maya. They were the best friends ever. One day they were on the way to school. When they were on the bus, like always they were sitting next to each other. Then, Sophie recognized they were wearing the same hair clip. Except, Sophie’s was pink and Maya’s was purple. Then began the fight. Maya said, “Mine is prettier because it is purple.”
    And Sophie said, “No, mine is prettier because mine is pink! Pink is the prettiest color.”
    Then Maya said, “You’re not my friend.”
    Then one day, Sophie was going to have a party. She invited everyone in the class except for Maya. When Sophie was opening her present from her mom and dad, she found inside a real puppy.
    “Oh, my own puppy!” She said.
    When she got to school the next day, she told Maya all about it. Then Maya got jealous and said, “Well your clip was really prettier. Can we be friends again? Can I come to your house and see your puppy?”
    “Yes!” she said. And they were friends again.
    After that fight with Sophie, Maya realized that you should never stop being friends with somebody just because of a fight!

  • Hi Hanna,
    Would you like us to post your story on the website?
    We would like other young writers to be inspired to create a story like you did.

    Please let us know,

    Your Storyteller,

  • thank you

  • My brother said he would make a story about Link and Link’s friends.It’s seperated into two parts,the first part is the troubles outside the dungeons,the second part is the problems in the dungeons.That is all…..

  • a76

    Hello a new story called the death killer episode 1.
    One day, a tornado was spotted in a city. It did not produce any wind but whoever who touched it disappeared. top scientists were trying to find out what it is but they couldn’t.

  • a76

    best to try many episode at once Alan

  • purplestory2107

    Hi there, what a mysterious idea for a story!So I want to know what happens to the people who disappear in the windless tornado? The story might have a very interesting ending when those people come back again. Maybe they are changed somehow…hmmmm.
    A great idea
    Your storyteller