The Story Home Media Kit

The Media Kit includes information about The Story Home, it’s owners and their background, Press Releases, Demographics and Statistics, Advertising information, Images and Graphics, Media Coverage, Testimonials, Awards and how to Contact Us.

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Brief Overview:

The mission of The Story Home is to “Delight and Inspire” children and their families throughout the world.

Launched in December 2007, The Story Home is fulfilling their mission by providing original and classic children’s audio stories through free podcasts, paid downloads, iPhone/iPad Apps, and albums.

Recognized as one of the “Great Websites for Children” by the American Library Association, The Story Home is a learning resource for parents, schools and libraries throughout the world and can boast over 2 million story downloads. In 2011 alone, the website had over 9 million hits.

Demographics show that The Story Home is used mostly by educated women ages 25 to 54, with children in the house, with incomes ranging 60K to 100K.

Testimonials from our listeners pour in on a daily basis, letting us know the value of our products and what it means to their families. Education plays an important part in the quality of our stories and through the creative genius of Alan Scofield, also owner, arts educator and master teacher, The Story Home provides a fertile ground for a child’s imagination.

The Story Home believes that the imagination of a child is a priceless resource and must be given time, encouragement, and education.

Listen to how The Story Home captivates its audience through: